Future Friday: NFL Divisional Round Picks

So, last week was a less-than-striking display of picking on my part, as my hasty, no time to do a real article picks of “Every home team but Dallas” went 1-3 overall, and 2-2 vs. the spread. On the bright side, this ties me with (Correction: pus me in front of) Bill Simmons for the week. Still brief this week, but I’ve at least given them some thought. Time to turn things around and go coin-flip caliber 2-2.


Indianapolis vs. Baltimore – The Colts have never won a playoff game with a bye under Peyton Manning. Never. The year they won the Super Bowl was the year New England pressured them for seeding and they played out the duration. All of this points to bad things for the Colts ahead. Despite all prior evidence, the offenses come down to one key guy on each side – Ray Rice and Peyton Manning. I’ll take Peyton. Indianapolis 24, Baltimore 13

San Diego vs. New York – The Jets are tailor-made to shut-down a one weapon passing attack like the Bengals, and I’m dumb for not realizing that before their game last week. The problem this week is Revis can’t cover everybody, and the Chargers have way more than one weapon. Chargers 31, Jets 13


New Orleans vs. Arizona – The punters can pretty much stay at home for this one. I really like the Saints, and the thought of what Drew Brees will do to that defense has to be terrifying for Cardinal fans and players alike. On the other hand, Warner announced his likely retirement, and you have to get the sense that some of those key guys in long term deals with the team have to think this may be their last crack at a title for awhile, since they have actually gotten to see Matt Leinart play. Arizona 42, New Orleans 41

Minnesota vs. Dallas – I want the Vikings to go home, believe me I do. AP was nothing but a disappointment for a year where I drew the top pick in both of my fantasy leagues, and the thought of the media attention of Favre in the Super Bowl is enough to make me puke. On the other hand, I just don’t think this is the week that it happens. Dallas has looked good, but I don’t see them going and winning this on the road. Minnesota 27, Dallas 17


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