Personal Hiatus

Hey everybody. I’m going to be taking the week off from writing, due to the passing of my grandmother. I’ve always used writing as a coping mechanism, but I’m frankly not feeling up to writing comedy right now. Hope to be back monday after next with a Guided, Illustrated, Mildly Stupid Tour of UFC 3.

Wordy Wednesday: Gabey Kotter and the Sorcerer’s Throne – Chapter 1

Chapter One – Giants, Squirrels and Love in a Bathroom

Saturday came faster than Gabey ever could have imagined, and before he knew it he found himself walking through JFK, a colander full of knives in one hand, and a Captain Smilies Little Tykes Magic Kit (Ages 4 and up, not available in Canada) in the other. He felt like a bit of an ass with the crummy plastic rod that was inside, but frankly where the fuck was he supposed to get a real wand on that short of notice.

As he scanned the flight display in hopes of locating his terminal, Gabey simply could not see Flight 93/4 anywhere. Thinking quickly he flagged down a passing security guard. “Excuse me sir,” he offered politely. “Might you be able to tell me where I can find Flight 93/4?”

Looking thoroughly put off at being forced to stop and interact with someone, the guard glared at Gabey. “You think you’re funny kid?”

“Kid? I’m 47 years old. And I just want to know where my flight is.”

“Listen sport, there ain’t no Flight 93/4. Wait a minute, what do you have in that colander?”

“Umm… they’re for my asthma.”

“Oh, makes sense.” With that, the surly guard continued on his way. Continue reading

Sick as Balls

And not just any balls. Quite sick balls, and it’s delaying my return from vacation as I try to focus on being able to breath and stuff instead of being able to write. Hoping for Monday or Tuesday, as that will give me a few days to get healthy, and a few days to write, as I am at a shortage for articles to post.

After These Messages

I’ve been killing myself with non-blog writing the past few weeks, and have decided I need a bit of a vacation. Since I can’t afford to stop doing my work writing, I’m taking a few days off here. Check back in on Tuesday (or Monday, if I can get a copy of UFC 2 before then) for more of me talking about things.