MMA Monday: The 8 Most Incredible Submissions of All Time

The Most Incredible Guillotine of All Time
Event: IFL Semi-Finals 2007
Dan Miller vs. Dave Phillips
The Set-Up:
Miller and Phillips were both relative unknowns on the national stage, filling in for a pair of injured fighters. With similar records, the two seemed an even match to anyone without any special inside information on either fighter, and the fight seemed destined to go to an even decision. Miller had other plans. After quickly taking Phillips down, Miller got overzealous in his bashing, and Phillips threw up an armbar. Not panicking, Miller calmly stood up and spiked Phillips on his head, leading to a scramble as Phillips attempted to stand.

Miller was handpicked to fill in by Renzo Gracie. Phillips was handpicked by a body builder. Turns out Renzo knew MMA a little better. Miller locked in a standing guillotine as Phillips clambered to his feet, then pressed him against the ropes, bending his head down at the worst angle MMA fans had ever seen. Until he rocked back and pressed again, teaching Phillips that you don’t always need a stethoscope to hear your own heartbeat. Continue reading