Forecast Friday: UFC 108 and NFL Week 17

DiggThisBusy Future Friday to kick this whole blog thing off, with a UFC on Saturday and Week 17 of the NFL Sunday. For those of you who don’t dig the whole sports thing, I promise not everything will go on to be sports related. Just the first real post today. And the next real post Monday. And a lot of posts on Fridays or Mondays after that.

UFC 108 Predictions

Rafaello Oliveira vs. John Gunderson – Gunderson is a former IFL fighter who is probably better suited for a drop in weight. Oliveira is a lightweight who was recently featured deadlifting the hell out of 425 lbs. alongside Jim Miller.

Not being big on lifting myself, I’ve had to rely on chatter on MMA boards to determine what the hell that even means, and can now say with absolute certainty that Miller and Oliveira are either the strongest men to ever consider walking the face of this earth, or would probably lose an arm wrestling match to a six year old girl. Oliveira by Submission, Round 1 Continue reading