MMA Monday: Miller Brothers Highlight

Normally, Monday’s are I day I at least endeavor to be funny. Today seems a good time as any to do some of the requisite getting old content onto the new blog posts though, so here’s a Miller Brothers highlight I made before Jim’s fight with Steve Lopez at UFC 103. If you look closely to the left of Jim’s sponsor banner for the Wiman fight, you can totally see my hand on the top of the cage, making me famous.


MMA Monday: A Guided, Illustrated, Mildly Stupid Tour of UFC 2

Welcome back to tournament number two of the Ultimate Fighting Championships. If you’re just joining us for the first time, you missed out on a tall Dutchman abusing fat men, and a little Brazilian fellow choking the life out of a one-gloved boxer, a dude in a mankini and a fat-kicking Dutchman. For today’s tournament, things have been ramped right the hell up, with 16 men instead of 8, though you only get to watch 8 of the 15 fights anyways. Honestly, the early fights seem like they kind of sucked, and you can rest assured we’re in for clips of all the best preliminary assaults, so it’s kind of alright we’re jumping right to the final prelim. As always, to avoid any potential litigation, all pictures depicting fights on the card are care of my 6-year-old neighbor Timmy.

Leading the broadcast for UFC 2 is Brian Kilmeade, promoted from his position as post-fight interviewer, presumably because producers felt his performance really stuck out as the most superb at UFC 1, which is akin to being the member of a surgical team that was least drunk. Joining him is the somewhat-crazy Jim Brown, and the new grappling expert for the broadcast, Ben Perry. Gone from the booth are Bill Wallace, deemed too terrible at broadcasting, and Kathy Long, deemed too having a vagina for the cultured audience of 90’s cage fighting to endure.

The crew does a great job of continuing the sport’s drive to near-outlaw status by letting us know anything can happen tonight, including the loss of teeth, or eyes. The results of the first seven prelim fights are briefly given to us, and we learn, quite sadly, that Pat Smith’s victory has denied us of what would no doubt have been an epic battle between a Ninja and a Wizard.


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MMA Monday: The 8 Most Incredible Submissions of All Time

The Most Incredible Guillotine of All Time
Event: IFL Semi-Finals 2007
Dan Miller vs. Dave Phillips
The Set-Up:
Miller and Phillips were both relative unknowns on the national stage, filling in for a pair of injured fighters. With similar records, the two seemed an even match to anyone without any special inside information on either fighter, and the fight seemed destined to go to an even decision. Miller had other plans. After quickly taking Phillips down, Miller got overzealous in his bashing, and Phillips threw up an armbar. Not panicking, Miller calmly stood up and spiked Phillips on his head, leading to a scramble as Phillips attempted to stand.

Miller was handpicked to fill in by Renzo Gracie. Phillips was handpicked by a body builder. Turns out Renzo knew MMA a little better. Miller locked in a standing guillotine as Phillips clambered to his feet, then pressed him against the ropes, bending his head down at the worst angle MMA fans had ever seen. Until he rocked back and pressed again, teaching Phillips that you don’t always need a stethoscope to hear your own heartbeat. Continue reading

MMA Monday: UFC on Cracked

Today’s MMA Monday is a link out. I’d been hoping to continue the Guided, Illustrated, Mildly Stupid Tour series, however I’m having a bit of trouble tracking down a copy of UFC Classics 2, so that will probably be up in two weeks. Until then, I have been working on a Cracked Topic page on the UFC, and finally got around to completing it. It is to be found here. Feel free to check it out. Or, you know, don’t. It’s not like the latter will totally hurt my feelings or anything.

MMA Monday: A Guided, Illustrated, Mildly Stupid Tour of UFC 1

Welcome to a regular feature of MMA Monday, a guided tour of the Ghosts of UFC Past. Come along as I take you through every minute of  every event from UFC 1 until UFC Whenever the Hell I Die, sharing the highs and lows of the action and the commentary. The latter will be mostly lows. Given I don’t hold any rights to UFC images, I’ve taken it upon myself to contract my six-year-old neighbor to faithfully recreate the most important scenes so you can more fully appreciate the drama that is unfolding before your eyes. Consider it a teaching aid, for the really slow aspiring MMA fan.

A Guided, Illustrated, Mildly Stupid Tour of UFC 1

We are live (well, were live) and in spectacularly 90’s television style. In addition to a Technicolor opening, we are treated to our noble warriors shadow-boxing, complete with motion-blurred hands. Also, a really fat guy in purple stretching, which we probably could have done without seeing.

Manning the broadcast boost for us today, we have Kathy Long, a five-time world kickboxing champion, Bill Wallace, a karate world champion, and Jim Brown, who was really good at carrying a football. Wallace manages to screw up the very first words to leave his mouth, and then calls it the Ultimate Fighting Challenge twice, a blow made more crushing when you realize the announcing team is outfitted to communicate with space, making it an error of galactic proportions.

Houston, we have a cage fight.

Wallace takes this pre-fight time to question his co-hosts on if they would consider fighting themselves, reminding Brown that he always has the ability to “just climb over the ropes” if things got too rough, showing both a profound lack of understanding for how this whole cage-fighting thing works, as well as a staggering inability to look six feet in front of him. Seeing as this is the first time most of the viewers will be introduced to ground-fighting, otherwise known as “that queer shit where nobody’s punching nobody,” we are quickly informed that the man that controls the ground fighting will win, by showing “jiu jitsu at its best.” Rest assured this event was in no-way carefully crafted to show the superiority of Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

Now that we’re all good-and-learned on how this ground fighting business works, it’s time for the meat of things, the bracket, which has clearly been designed by the same guy that made school photo background’s in the 90’s. On the bottom of the bracket, we can look forward to a match featuring Royce Gracie, whose name is pronounced “Hoyce.” At least, by everybody but Wallace it is. In his defense, Gracie is only the guy this entire event is focused around showcasing, so knowing his name shouldn’t be a must as a broadcaster. Up against Gracie will be Art Jimmerson, the IBF’s #10 ranked boxer. With those credentials, big things are sure to come from Jimmerson, and there is certainly no chance at all he will do something that goes down in MMA infamy. You can take that to the bank. Continue reading

MMA Monday: The 5 Worst People You’ll Find Watching the UFC at a Bar

Times are tough right now. Money is tight, the economy is in the shitter, and yet the price of Ugg boots cruelly continues to rise, forcing today’s man to be more frugal with their discretionary spending. When it comes to the weekend’s fights, this often means ordering them with a group of friends to split the cost among many. Not everybody has friends however, or at least not friends that aren’t tightwads, which often leaves visiting the local bar that’s getting the UFC come fight night as the only option. While it is cheaper than paying $655 bucks (at least, for those who can control themselves at a bar, that is) it is not an avenue without peril, as any visit to watch MMA among the masses opens the door for any of these enjoyable characters, who can quickly make you wish you could actually hear Goldberg’s play-by-play.

The Conscientious Objector
Who They Are:
People who are above the kind of low-brow, degrading entertainment that this bloodbath of a “sport” provides.

In all of five minutes of debate, O'Reilly managed to make Dana White look like a calm, level-headed man.

And don’t get them started on teleprompters.

What They’re Saying: “I just prefer sports where the object isn’t to kill your opponent, personally.”
Why They’re the Worst: The Conscientious Objector isn’t out at the bar to do something as disgusting as drinking their liver into oblivion while watching two guys try to choke each other unconscious. Instead, he’s really just looking to focus on the first half, and yell at you for showing the initiative to be comprehensive in your vices. The Conscientious Objector is often a boxing fan, who is keen on telling you how much the sport of MMA pales in comparison to the sweet science, which is in turn a beautiful thing to behold, as opposed to, you know, two guys just bashing each other in the face like this ultimate cage fighting business. Continue reading

Forecast Friday: UFC 108 and NFL Week 17

DiggThisBusy Future Friday to kick this whole blog thing off, with a UFC on Saturday and Week 17 of the NFL Sunday. For those of you who don’t dig the whole sports thing, I promise not everything will go on to be sports related. Just the first real post today. And the next real post Monday. And a lot of posts on Fridays or Mondays after that.

UFC 108 Predictions

Rafaello Oliveira vs. John Gunderson – Gunderson is a former IFL fighter who is probably better suited for a drop in weight. Oliveira is a lightweight who was recently featured deadlifting the hell out of 425 lbs. alongside Jim Miller.

Not being big on lifting myself, I’ve had to rely on chatter on MMA boards to determine what the hell that even means, and can now say with absolute certainty that Miller and Oliveira are either the strongest men to ever consider walking the face of this earth, or would probably lose an arm wrestling match to a six year old girl. Oliveira by Submission, Round 1 Continue reading